Aug 31, 2010

Gardening (on going)

I’ve begun a small herb garden with my kids. I got some of those cardboard starter cups and had my kids put in the seeds. When I get the kids, I have them doing the watering so that they can learn that what they are doing has consequences and makes a difference. After only a week everything was sprouting, and by two weeks I felt the need to get some larger pots to transplant everything. I got 6in pots from WalMart for $2.50 each. We already had some mulch but from past experience I know dirt would have done just as well. I cut up the cardboard cartons into individual containers and put each herb into its own pot. Also, my mother ate a persimmon, so I took the seed and plopped it into another pot and started watering it just to see what happens. Well, now I’ve got an 8in tall growth!

Growing is easy! Just water daily. In this heat I’ve been watering twice daily and that’s all I do. Now when everything is ready to harvest I will post more here or if I get bug problems I’ll let you know what I do, and what the results are.

Growing your own food has to be one of your top priorities. Mostly because it takes time to mature to harvest, but also it reduces your expenses as the more you grow, the less you buy.

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