Aug 27, 2010

Lessons Learned - camping with little girls

Friday night I slept outside with the girls. My five year old wanted to go camping and came up with this around 5pm. I wasn’t about to get together our camping gear and rush out to a campground before sundown, so I came up with the idea of sleeping in the back yard. Unfortunately the backyard measures only about 12ft by 8ft not counting plants and lawn furniture and all of that solid concrete. So, no tent. It was OK as the weather was still warm (to start) so we slept under the stars. At first it was fun staring up at the stars looking for meteorites and airplanes. Eventually the kids passed out and I went to sleep myself.

Awww, you say? Well let me describe the sleeping arrangements; The kids had Colman inflatable mattresses to sleep on, and cheap Disney sleeping bags to sleep in. I had my sleeping bag that I decided to use as a sleeping pad and a blanket I brought out from the house. Oh, we all had pillows as well.

Mistake 1- I needed better padding under me. Concrete is hard.
Mistake 2- We all needed more blankets. It got cold, somewhere in the 50’s. My kids didn’t complain, but by 5 am I could tell that they weren’t any more comfortable than I was, so I called it a night and brought them back inside.

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