Feb 12, 2011


Today I would like to talk about economic diversification.
As many of you know I recently got a job. As you being here, you should know that I've also started my own Preparation Consulting business. I've also got my own graphic arts business.

Now what do all three of these things have in common? Answer: each one only makes me money when I work on it.

Diversification means that I need to shift some of my money making ability in things that don't require my direct participation. I am considering precious metals, and would definitely love to own land, but that's in the far future.

Another option that I would like to try would be to open some internet businesses, but I need to learn more about how to make those work. obviously I know nothing, as you well know from my inability to get my website up and running.

But the important thing to keep uppermost in your mind is to do as little of the work as possible.

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  1. I *might* be able to recommend someone to help with your website. I've sent her a message asking if she's okay with me putting you in touch with her and I'll let you know as soon as she gets back to me.