Sep 1, 2010

Bug out Bag (72hr bag)

Here’s a favorite topic of every survivalist blog list or anywhere we get together.

Also known as GOOD, GOD (Get Out Of Dodge) Go Bags, and any number of other things. What I would like to discuss, is, the primary purpose of this bag… To have enough guns and gear to run into the woods to be “Rambo”…Right?

Wrong! No, the purpose is to have enough supplies to last 3 days. Just long enough to get you to your back up location, or to your first of a series of caches that will get you to your back up location. (I will discuss caching later)

Now, if you do a search for this type of bag you will hit approximately 416,000 results. Most of these results trying to sell you a prepackaged kit of one sort or another. I am all in favor of looking at what they contain, but am adamantly against buying one. These prepackage kits are one size fits all, and we all know how well that works out. A prepackaged kit will not address your special need or concerns, is packed with the cheapest materials available and if you didn’t buy it and put it in the pack, you won’t know what you have or how to use it.

As I said, I am in favor of looking at what they contain; this gives you ideas about what you should have in yours. My recommendations are as follows, 1 bag per person:
3 Days of food
3 Days of Water (Sadly this is not possible, It takes around 1 gallon per person, per day, to survive) So you must come up with alternatives
A method of getting into your food (can opener, knife, scissors, etc.)
A method of cooking your food
Plates, cups, utensils for eating and drinking
2 changes of clothes
3 changes of socks and underwear
Communications/Signaling devices:
Fire making equipment
Navigation gear
Knives and Tools:
Swiss Army knife or Multi tool (Leatherman)
Folding saw
Large bladed sheath knife
Optional, a shovel, axe, or hatchet
Sewing kit
Duct tape
Bolt Cutters (Small)
Firearm with ammo
Hygiene Kit
First-Aid Kit (Triple however many Band-Aids and square cotton pads you put in there)
Fishing Kit

Now put all of that in a bag, pack, suitcase or something and start walking… Ok, you can stop now. Sucked didn’t it? Now go through and put the things in YOU need for three days of walking, to get you to your destination. If you have questions about particular items or ideas, feel free to ask, and I will give you all the advice that you are paying for here :-) and any personal experience about tools or equipment or whatever I may know about.

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