Aug 19, 2010

Training part 6 Automotive Repair

I don’t know about you, but I own a 97 Toyota and there is no way I can do most repairs on my own. I used to have a 73 Camaro and about the only things I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do were Carburetor repair and Transmission work. But now days with everything being computer controlled, I simply have no idea what I’m doing. Even still I can still change tires, spark plugs, and change fluids as needed. My care wouldn’t start a few days ago, and with my experience working on my Camaro many years ago, I recognized that the battery was dying for some reason, so I managed to get a Jump Start form someone and my car cranked right up. If I didn’t know anything about cars, I would have been forced to call for a tow and been stranded very far from home.

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