Jul 16, 2011


All of Southern California seems to be freaking out about the 405 Freeway Closure. From what I understand that's about 10 miles of freeway, and it will be closed for one day. Everyone is acting like it's the end of the universe, and if it was even vaguely true, I would highly advise never moving there, and if you live there, get the hell out!

1 Freeway of 10 miles out of hundreds- maybe thousands in the area...
...What would happen if two of them were to close? Or a major quake shut them all down? What would the people there do? Starve? Die of thirst? Riot? Party till they were too stupid to walk? Who knows, but lets watch to see what happens and see if we can learn anything from it, like we learned from Japan, Hatti, and Katrina.

For instance, what if something happened to the 99 or 120 here? Or a major freeway where you live? Do you have alternatives? Now, do you have an alternative that everyone else doesn't know about? And, an alternative to where? Do you have a destination to head for if you had to leave?

Also, something to think about; Is your vehicle prepared for an instant bug out? Tuned up, half tank or more of gas, vehicle emergency kit, food and water, maps for those secret roads we just talked about?

Although, admittably this would be the perfect situation for bugging in. You can't get out, nothing dangerous is going on where you are, so hunker down, crank up the BBQ, pop in a movie and relax...

... Uhh you do have a generator or solar back up for the movie, right? right? Beuller?

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