Jul 22, 2010

Training part 1 Transportation


Please keep in mind these are only items that I can think of while typing and going over my list of things to know. Your list may be different if you already know some of this, or are in an area that has specific needs. By all means please post a comment here to include anything you think is worthy of learning. Please keep in mind- this is the beginners list, so what I would like to include here are items that someone beginning to get into survivalism/preping should know first. Later as people begin joining I may break things up into different sections so that more advanced knowledge and techniques can be discussed.

Items to consider:

Learn to drive stick-shift and automatic Transmissions
Diesel trucks (semi’s)
Ride bicycles
Motor cycles
Drive boats of different sizes and the water safety involved
Learn to fly planes and helicopters
Riding and caring for horses would be a good choice
Land Navigation

Please keep in mind, I do not advocate getting licenses and paying outrageous fees to go to a bazzilion classes to learn all of this stuff. Instead, develop an outdoor life style and make friends, you will be amazed and what people around you know. Most people are happy to show off what they know, and if you show a genuine interest in it, your new friends will gladly teach you what you want to know. Yeah helicopters may be a little difficult, but there are surprising large numbers of people, who fly small planes, drive trucks and ride motorcycles. You can learn many of these skills (or at least the basic concepts) sitting around the BBQ at a campout.

Swimming I would recommend getting professional instruction from a certified training course. I usually look for Red Cross, but in this area it seems they are not available. I have been teaching my children myself, and it’s been a slow process, but it does seem to be working. I would still like to take them to someone else as children are more likely to listen to outside authorities than parents is they are unsure of what is going on. Plus you get the advantage (hopefully) of having someone who has worked with children previously and know how to get around some of their hesitations.

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