Jul 16, 2010

Lets Begin

Ok, this list is of course far from complete as everyone’s situation is different and many of these items overlap, but, this makes for a decent overview of what order in which things should be done to get your family and yourself prepared.

Training (on going)
Get debt free
Food/water storage (on going)
Bug out Bag (72hr bag)
Gardening (on going)
Vehicle prep
Home prep
Bug out location

Now, I know most of what I will be discussing involves buying of “stuff”. I hate to make it seem that survivalism/Prepping is all about hoarding, or armchair commando buying, but to properly prepare many things must be purchased or traded for to have on hand in case of need. Fortunately many things are items you would be getting anyway (food, home and vehicle repair) I will simply be discussing different ways of looking at these things so that your purchases may be more in line with a survivalist mentality.

Oh, and as far as I'm able I will try to only talk about things that I personally know, have used, or experienced. If I talk about something outside of my knowledge base I will let you know at the beginning of that particular post. And as you post comments I would ask that you state you knowledge level of something as well, whether you use it, have read about it, or if your second cousins-aunts-brother in laws-roommate heard about it on TV.

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