Mar 19, 2011

A Friend in Trouble

Tony is a long long time friend of mine, who is having financial trouble. But, instead of looking for handouts from the government, or making excuses, he is trying to make his (and his girlfriends) way on there own. His girlfriend is a painter and apparently has a stockpile of art, so they are selling her work to earn money. That is what self sufficiency is all about! You make your own solutions in this world, not depend of the government or your parents...or your kids if you are the parents of grown kids.

I do feel sorry that my friend has these problems, but I am also proud of him for not whining about it. He's applied for jobs everywhere that he might be able to work, and in the short term to make rent, they are willing to sell off assets rather than go on the dole and collect welfare or food stamps.

Original Art


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