Jan 7, 2011

Say Yes!

I Just saw the movie Yes Man starting Jim Carrey. It was about a man who was retreating from the world until he went to a seminar, where the guru made him promise to say yes to everything that came along.

Obviously this was a comedy, but the underlying premise is a good one. Say yes to things you ordinarily wouldn't. Say yes to trying things you never have before. Say yes to meeting people you ordinarily don't.

If you don't step outside your comfort zone, you are likely to end up closing into a shell, and becoming a hermit in your home and missing out on life.

Fortunately as preppers we have opportunities that many may not consider. Many of you have gone camping and shooting, but how many know how to ride a motorcycle? Have you ever gone rock climbing? How about taking a class to learn home ec(?) style things (sewing, canning, gardening, cooking, etc) or maybe just learning how to dance a style you don't know?

If someone asks for help, do you give it? Even the pan handler on the street? You don't have to give money, you can buy the person a sandwich or give them a used jacket in this weather.

Or maybe even just give someone a ride somewhere even if it's out of your way.

You never know where something like this could lead. You might make new friends, learn something new, inspire you to do something in your life that you hadn't even considered before.

So, next time something unique comes up, just say YES!

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